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Watch Season of the Witch (2011) Online Streaming

Watch Season of the Witch (2011) Online Streaming. Nicolas cage is invading the planet’s theater screen this coming January 7, 2011 with his newest movie Season of the Witch. With Ron Perlman as his co-star in this upcoming movie, the two will commence the year with fantastic adventure and thrill.

Season of the Witch deals with the tale of the Black Death that stricken Europe in the earlier times and in contradiction to the ancient accounts the plague was caused by serious bacteria, the tale follows the belief that the Bobunic Plague (Black Death) was not a disease but rather a curse of a witch. Although this was just a piece of weird thought, the movie is gorgeous in the sense that it follows the trail of history the shaken the European land.

Cage and Perlman in Season of the Witch (2011) movie are bearing the role of fantastic and heroic warrior who fought for their land, returned home only to find out that the villagers are in fantastic catastrophe, stricken by death one by one by the so called Black Death. When the people acclaimed that it was the witch who made the curse, the two are tasked to take the witch (played by Claire Foy) to the abbey where the monks are about to perform a ritual to purge her from her sins and to alter the pestilence she had caused.

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